This site is undergoing a massive overhaul. I have owned and managed since 31st July 2001 but a while ago due to all sorts of problems with my web host, I deleted the entire site. I took a massive risk by assuming that I had backed up the site on my system somewhere: to date I have just (19th October 2015) found my old web site back up files and I will upload many of them here as time permits!


Well, here we are and as is usual for me, I have got a few things planned for the site now. I am setting it up with the sections you can see in the menu at the top of the page:


Management Accounting

Financial Accounting

Excel Spreadsheeting


I am sure I will add more sections and I am sure the number of sub sections, currently zero, will grow.


As my usual visitors know, I am open to ideas at all times and if you want something from me, just ask and I will do what I can.


Don't forget my Excel Blog, ExcelMaster: such a modest name! I update that blog frequently but suddenly that is giving me formatting and updating problems.


So, welcome to this site and I hope together we can grow into something like this site's former glory!




Duncan Williamson

4th September 2015

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